Study materials

There are five suggested study sessions, each flexible but planned to work with groups of 8 to 12 people, meeting for about an hour and a half (if you have longer, we recommend adding social time with tea and biscuits or doing more of the activities). Each session can stand alone, or they can be used as a series. Each gives options so that a shorter or longer session should be easy to construct. Most activities could also be run with smaller numbers (a group of five or fewer should simply ignore instructions about breaking into small groups) or with larger numbers (either by splitting into two groups or by adding about one minute per participant to whole-group exercises, so an activity where ten minutes are spent as a group of 10 needs twenty minutes for a group of 20).

Further guidance on running study groups, especially for Quakers, can be found at Being Friends Together.

  1. A True Social Order
  2. The Opportunity of Full Development
  3. Superfluous Demands
  4. No Restriction of Race, Sex or Social Class
  5. Unfortunate Association with Socialism?