Lucy Morland

Lucy Fryer Morland (1864-1945) was headteacher at a girls’ school in Croydon, and took a keen interest in education issues. She gave the 1918 Swarthmore Lecture, titled ‘The New Social Outlook’ (published as a book in 1919) and served on the War and Social Order Committee. For example, in 1917 she spoke to the Committee to question “our right to continue remedial philanthropic work, which palliates but does not cure the social evils” – a theme she returned to in her lecture the next year. The extract from her Swarthmore lecture which is included in Quaker faith & practice shows close links to the ideas of the Foundations; note the phrase “full development” for example.

Her interests in political equality also showed in her support of women’s liberation – see the public letter quoted in Thomas Kennedy’s British Quakerism 1860-1920.