War and Social Order Committee

The War and Social Order Committee was formed in 1915 by London Yearly Meeting. It had between 30 and 50 members, including at various times William Henry Alexander, Alfred Barrett Brown, Mary King Crosfield, Robert Davis, Marion E. Ellis, William Loftus Hare, Mary O’Brien Harris, J. Edward Hodgkin, C. Leonard Leese, Lucy Fryer Morland, J. Walton Newbold, Clifford Newton, Joseph Stevenson Rowntree, Maurice Rowntree, Malcolm Sparkes, Alfred Thorne, Mary Thorne, Mabel Tothill and Edith Wilson.

The WSOC’s best remembered action is probably the writing of the Foundations of a True Social Order. However, they also published a large number of other documents and pamphlets, ran events and conferences, and members of the WSOC interacted extensively with other organisations working on issues around peace, equality, and social life.

Steven Davison has written more about the War and Social Order Committee in his blog post, Quakerism & Capitalism – Transition: War and the Social Order. The successor body to the WSOC was the Industrial and Social Order Council.