How to use this website

This website offers informations about the 1918 British Quaker statement The Foundations of a True Social Order, and how it and the ideas in it have been used by Quakers in Britain since that time. Here are some ideas about how to engage with the website.

  • Follow links to read around. From the homepage, you can click any of the links in the text of the Foundations to explore those ideas. Each page also has links embedded in it, which will lead you to more information about the people and ideas involved.
  • Use the drop-down menus to explore. Hover over any of the four tabs at the top of the page and choose something which sounds interesting. The ‘Home’ tab contains the most substantial material. The ‘Glossary‘ tab contains definitions of terms used on this website, and the ‘People‘ tab lists key individuals mentioned. The ‘Study materials‘ tab links to five plans for study sessions.
  • Search for a key word. Click on the magnifying glass picture in the top right hand corner of every page to search this website for a topic which interests you.
  • Use tags to find a group of related pages, either from the list of tags at the bottom of each page or from all the tags listed in our tag cloud.
  • Use the Study materials to offer discussion sessions to your Quaker meeting or other community groups. You can do all five, or just one; each gives full instructions and can be adapted to your needs.