Industrial and Social Order Council

The Industrial and Social Order Council was a successor body to the War and Social Order Committee, set up in 1928 and particularly active during the 1940s. It consisted of about thirty members, including some who had also served on the War and Social Order Committee. Among other activities, they ran conferences, published pamphlets, and explored the possibility of revising the Foundations. This attempt was abandoned as it became clear that Quakers at the time wanted more practical ideas about rebuilding the social order, but it did produce a statement on Social Testimony which was included in their report to Yearly Meeting in 1945. ISOC, and local ISOCs such as London and Middlesex ISOC, published lots of documents, including a news sheet or journal known variously as ‘The Seeker’ (from 1937), ‘I&SO’ (1948-51) and ‘Social Order’ (until 1957).